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One-To-One or Group Public Speaking Sessions

I specialise in coaching people who have maybe started writing a speech

or have presented once or twice before.

Each session includes:


 Pre-session preparation (reading and researching the client's topic or brief, where applicable)


 In group settings: activities, discussions, breakout groups, and peer-to-peer feedback.


 A detailed focus on how the voice, breath, diction, physicality, and projection work and how they can be employed.


 An interrogation of how to write a first draft based on the presentation's brief.


 Study the art of editing, which would extend into rewrites and restructuring, paying close attention to form, content, and mode in relation to the brief.


 Interrogation of modern and effective images, video content, fonts, and other relevant media.


 Rehearsal, notes, and direction of the completed presentation(s)

Half days and full days available

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